For YouTube's Beacons campaign we were tasked to create a campaign that captured YouTube comedian Grace Helbig's essence and personality and to introduce her to the world. 

“You Redefine Grace” captures how Grace breaks through the 4th wall, by taking the piss out of traditional celebrity campaigns in a sarcastic, self-referential way that only she can do. 

Youtube Preroll

You know those things that pop up before the thing you really want to watch. 

No Judgement

Nailed It 



Grace appeared in billboards, subways, wild posting, magazine print and digital boards across NY, LA and Chicago

Grace this Space - The Socially Powered Wall

We created a month long out of home campaign, where we took over a huge wallscape in Brooklyn and asked Grace to reach out to her fans through Twitter and Instagram asking them what they want to see her do. She presented two options and her fans decided what would get painted on to the wall the following week. 

The starting phase - 

The Choices: Couch Potato or Party Animal 

We got a ton of digital engagement and IRL fan love too! 

Behind the Scenes Process Film

Awkward Digital Billboards 

We wanted to mess with people, by making ads that looked like static print, but then came alive, catching people off guard. Breaking the 4th wall. 


Call Me

Bee Attack


Penn Station Digital

We created silent video assets to run on this gigantic ad placement in one of NY's busiest areas. How do we cut through? This is how:



Agency: Co:Collective
CD: Xavier Teo + Ant White
CW: Lorelei Bandrovschi
GCD: Tiffany Rolfe