Fact: Pets are 2x more likely to get cancer if their owners smoke. So we created a social media campaign to get Big Tobacco to admit smoking kills pets by giving dogs the chance to sign a #PEETITION

On Instagram, we asked people to share pictures of their dogs peeing with #PEETITION to become activist and rallied Dogluencers to kick off the campaign to start the movement. 


We delivered the #PEEtition by hacking Instagram and 'GeoBombing' Big Tobacco locations. We scraped Instagram for images with #PEEtition and regrammed them geotagging each picture to the head quarters of various Big Tobacco Companies. So when people went to Big Tobacco HQs on Instagram, it looked like dogs were actually there, peeing on Big Tobacco. 

Our Dogtavist

Hundreds of dogs and cats posted for the cause as well as celebrity dogfluencers Tuna Melts my Heart & Cuddly Cody.