Win as One

We live in a culture of superstars. Celebrated individuals and MVPs. But, what gets lost is the team behind them. MVPs wouldn’t be in the game without their teammates, and you can’t win a team championship as a single person.

There is one group that gets this more than anyone – high school girls. These girls don’t just play on a team, they live it, from matching hair bows to matching bruises. We want to celebrate the prom-missing, nail-chipping dedication that these girls have to their teammates, and that impermeable bond they share with each other.

We teamed up with the incredible Olivia Bee to capture exactly what it meant for sports-loving girls to be #Allin.


Behind the Scenes Video

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Agency: Mullen
CD: Brian Gunderson
CD: Jon Park
CW: Suzanne Sherwood
Photographer: Olivia Bee